Thursday, 7 March 2013

My Long Lost Friend - 01/03/2013

          I think you could safely say that today was a day full of surprises. I have found this diary I had lost twenty seven years ago – my Kitty - complete with three entries and I vow to now continue on with it from where I left off, if such a thing is possible!
         I am no longer a teenager and had long forgotten this “Kitty” – half begun and never given the chance to run to her natural end.
         After reading what I had originally written, I distinctly remember the day I made the last entry in this lucky book - the same day I lost it - because it was the day my life changed forever, it was the day another soul truly touched my own.
          I was 15 when I wrote the last entry and am 42 now. I am trying to think of how I would describe myself back then but find myself quite unsure of the generalities of it all. The specifics however, come easier to recall.
          I believe that from day to day, hour to hour, our moods change, our outlook on life, our purpose, our religion, our passions. Now I suppose what I am looking for to describe myself then, are the differences – the differences between the me then and the me now. I’m sure I would better define myself then as largely what I am now, but the differences, the change, interests me more. I suppose, I think, I was quite excited by life and its possibilities back then, whereas now, I wouldn’t say I was more jaded… well, maybe yes, a little more jaded, but also perhaps, a better-rounded person.
          A lot has happened in the last 27 years and I shall tell you dear Kitty, my long lost friend, for each entry I make, I shall have to catch you up with the past.
         For now though, I leave you, as I have sat in this wheelchair writing for long enough already today. But on parting I leave you the poem I finished earlier, before we were re-united, my dear, dear Kitty and I dedicate it to you.


Boxes, boxes,
Endless boxes,
Of things and stuff,
Filling the rooms,
From floor to ceiling.

Mark the boxes,
Give them names,
Like This and That.

Look in a box,
Seal it - move it -
To another room.

One contains The Toys and Magic
And that long-forgotten face -
Keep moving the boxes.

From one to the next,
While losing the last,
Until a single circular stain appears,

Seal it - move it -
Attend to the next.
Pray it's not the box
Which contains you.

          I hope you like it Kitty. Such a lot has happened and now I am at another crossroads in my life you see. Moving on and leaving behind all the drama and laughter and tears that this big, empty house has seen.
          I am so happy to see you again – but for now, I leave you till tomorrow, and moving day.

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